Phalosan Forte (On Request)

$545.000 CLP
Phalosan Forte (On Request) Phalosan Forte (On Request) Phalosan Forte (On Request)

Phalosan Forte (On Request)

$545.000 CLP


It takes 15 business days once the payment is made.

The principle: Penis enlargement through the production of new cells

The tissues of the penis are stimulated, through a gentle stretching, which stimulates the formation of new cells. PHALLOSAN forte produces a vacuum absorption, almost imperceptible, which extends from the glans to the rest of the penis. Thanks to the comfort of PHALLOSAN forte, it is easy for the user to wear it for ten hours at a time or longer - a fundamental condition for a successful treatment. PHALLOSAN forte guarantees the absence of embarrassing situations - our system, unlike others, will never show through the pants.

Contrary to other stretching systems, PHALLOSAN forte offers not only guarantees painless use. PHALLOSAN forte can also be used during the night, since the system adapts to the shaft of the penis in case of an erection. The bloodstream is not interrupted at any time. There is no danger of damage, unlike other systems.

Health guarantee:

PHALLOSAN forte has the CE seal that represents the EC Council 93/42 / EEC directive. It also meets the standards EN 980, EN ISO 14971 and EN ISO 10993-1. PHALLOSAN forte has been manufactured in accordance with the medical requirements of the European medical authorities. The materials necessary for its manufacture are easy to carry and its bio-compatibility has been verified. The textile belt, specially created for PHALLOSAN forte, is free of formaldehyde. Absorption condoms are free of allergens and latex. The counter support on the textile belt is made of clinically proven silicone foam.

The device can be worn painlessly for up to 12 hours each day and night, with results that go with it. It can also be worn overnight, the result is correlatively positive.

The pressure exerted on the lower part of the suction bell prevents any sliding of the glans. The pressure exerted also increases the size of the glans considerably.

The force of the pressure exerted can be dosed continuously on the belt.

Cleaning the components is quite simple. A detailed user manual with excellent images is attached. All components of the belt can be purchased separately. Folding closures make an easy and comfortable change possible.

The newly developed protective layer protects the glans and foreskin from too strong pressure that can lead to swelling and redness. It exerts gentle pressure on the surface of the skin, comparable to a compression stocking or a jet pilot's pressure suit. The absorption force can be increased which will only accelerate success.

The traction force of PHALLOSAN forte!

How much positive force can PHALLOSAN ® Forte create?

The traction force of PHALLOSAN forte!