Pro Extender 3 Alargador Pene (Entrega inmediata)

$39.990 CLP
Pro Extender 3 Alargador Pene (Entrega inmediata)

Pro Extender 3 Alargador Pene (Entrega inmediata)

$39.990 CLP

Step-by-step demonstration of device placement


Extenders to enlarge the penis are devices that work with the principle of traction force, stretching the penis and all its internal structures and the skin: corpora cavernosa, corpus spongiosum of the urethra, tunica albuginea and other tissues. This traction force applied to the penis is proportional to the elongation distance applied for hours with the proextender.

The structures, tissues and cells of the penis, upon receiving that tension to which its cells are subjected through of time, they reproduce by mitosis to counteract the pressure and tension of the traction force to which they are being subjected, causing the growth of the tissues of the penis and its subsequent elongation or lengthening, resulting in a larger penis with a greater size in length, which will increase as the tension and traction length of the extender is regulated with the corresponding additional rods.

It is recommended to start with low tensions and gradually increase in small fractions every fortnight. It should never cause unbearable pain or a tearing sensation, always a significant but bearable tension.

It is recommended to check the condition of the glans every 20-30 minutes for the first few days. If you feel numbness, you should massage to restore circulation, this is totally normal and you can continue with another series of hanging. After the first days you will be able to know the maximum times for each series as well as you will also develop more resistance for longer sessions and with greater tension.

Lengthen your penis from 3 to 5 centimeters

Scientifically proven method

No side effects

Comfortable and discreet to wear, even under clothing

Progress depends on the number of hours used

Results are cumulative and permanent

The size increases in a state of flaccidity and erection

Corrects the curved or deviated penis