Hydromax X30 - Para engrosar y alargar el pene (Entrega inmediata)

$79.990 CLP
Hydromax X30 - Para engrosar y alargar el pene (Entrega inmediata)

Hydromax X30 - Para engrosar y alargar el pene (Entrega inmediata)

$79.990 CLP

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Hydromax X30 is the new penis enlargement pump that increases the size of the penis. Designed for men who want more volume or length or simply want to increase the hardness and duration of their erections, as well as enjoy better orgasms.

Hydromax X30 is the latest in hydro-technology for penis development and health. Helps men to achieve the best possible results on the lengthening and thickening of his penis in the shortest time possible, safely and naturally and with the benefit of comfort.

The Hydromax X30 combines water and air during the suction process, to achieve an increase in blood flow and, therefore, firm erections accompanied by an increase in penis size. You can use it while you take a relaxing bath or shower. It is simple and easy to use.

With this method and its continuous use, you will be able to generate new cells in the penis that in the long term will cause a permanent increase in its size. It also helps fight erection problems (impotence, erectile dysfunction) and premature ejaculation. Perfect for men with a penis between 13 and 17 cm (erect penis measurements).

Quick Use Guide

  1. Enter the shower and relax.
  2. Close the valve and fill the vacuum pump with water.
  3. Insert the penis into the device and adjust it to the body forming an airtight seal.
  4. Let the water out with small pushes towards the body and create the vacuum effect.
  5. Pump constantly, either in 5 min intervals or for 15 min in a row.
  6. Once the exercise is done, release the pressure from the device to remove the penis safely.


  • 21.6 cm x 18.8 cm (maximum capacities)
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Safe for the skin, free of phthalates
  • Patented technology
  • Transparent Crystal Color

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