Kegel Training Balls

$10.995 CLP
Kegel Training Balls Kegel Training Balls

Kegel Training Balls

$10.995 CLP

Hypoallergenic product made with soft silicone for female care.

Progressive training exercises to tone pelvic floor.


- Pregnant women: because they will have easier deliveries and they will prevent urine losses, especially in the last trimester. In addition, they will be able to regain the tone of their pelvic floor after childbirth.

- Women suffering from urinary and / or fecal incontinence: they will reduce the symptoms of incontinence.

- Women affected by prolapses: those that do not yet have it, will reduce the risk of suffering it. Those who already have it, will feel that the symptoms are reduced.

- Women during menopause: prevents pelvic floor dysfunctions derived from hormonal changes that during menopause affect by weakening the tissues.

-Women who have undergone pelvic floor operations: Kegel exercises help in the rehabilitation of the muscles after this type of surgery.

-Young athletes: toning the pelvic floor counteracts the impacts that sport produces on these muscles and the risk of urinary incontinence and other dysfunctions is prevented.

- Sexual relations: both for those who perform the exercises and their partners. Toning the pelvic floor muscles favors more pleasant sexual intercourse.


Blue 15g
Pink 25g
Violet 35g
Gray 55g

How to use:

1 Use warm water to clean the ball and silicone ring
2 Use a towel to dry
3 Then match the exercise balls set the silicone ring strap, the use of weights is progressive.
4 Put water-soluble lubricant on the ball to be inserted first.
5 Then by tilting the position of the legs insert it into the body slowly (as when using a tampon)
6 Finally make sure that part of the silicone strap is left out for easy removal.

Cleaning with water is recommended.

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